Colombia seeks to attract medtech companies for clinical trials

The government of Colombia, in collaboration with the clinical development firm Interventional Concepts, is actively seeking to promote Colombia as a destination for early-stage clinical trials. Between 1995 and 2013, 738 clinical trials were conducted in the country. Although approximately 90 percent of those studies were in the pharmaceutical space, a growing number are being performed in the medical technology field for companies such as Avinger, Kona Medical, and InterValve. According to the government/industry alliance, some of the key benefits of doing clinical work in Colombia are:

  • High enrollment rates
  • Competitive costs
  • Motivated, bi-lingual investigators
  • Fast and predictable regulatory pathway
  • Well-developed healthcare infrastructure and business environment for clinical trials
  • Fast product importation
  • Over 120 government-certified research sites with more than 20 years experience and quality standards comparable to the US

For more information, see the alliance press release and presentation.

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