Getting Started Sections

The Getting Started sections provide practical, action-oriented guides for executing the steps in the biodesign innovation process when working on an actual project. Innovators are encouraged to follow the instructions and access the supplemental resources in each Getting Started section to effectively move their projects forward. The following is a complete listing of all the Getting Started sections. However, each one also can be accessed through the chapter page with which it is associated.

Listing By Chapter

1.1 Strategic Focus
1.2 Needs Exploration
1.3 Need Statement Development
2.1 Disease State Fundamentals
2.2 Existing Solutions
2.3 Stakeholder Analysis
2.4 Market Analysis
2.5. Needs Selection
3.1 Ideation
3.2 Initial Concept Selection
4.1 Intellectual Property Basics
4.2 Regulatory Basics
4.3 Reimbursement Basics
4.4 Business Models
4.5 Concept Exploration & Testing
4.6 Final Concept Selection
5.1 IP Strategy
5.2 R&D Strategy
5.3 Clinical Strategy
5.4 Regulatory Strategy
5.5 Quality Management
5.6 Reimbursement Strategy
5.7 Marketing & Stakeholder Strategy
5.8 Sales & Distribution Strategy
5.9 Competitive Advantage & Business Strategy
6.1 Operating Plan & Financial Model
6.2 Strategy Integration & Communication
6.3 Funding Approaches
6.4 Alternate Pathways