Professor Jacques Marescaux, President of the IRCAD Institute, provides a review of the new edition of the Biodesign textbook

“Since its first release, Biodesign has established itself as a unique foundation of expertise for medical device entrepreneurship. No other manual has been so popular and so influential, reflecting admirably the entrepreneurial values sustaining the Biodesign endeavor.

Biodesign second edition, by the outstanding founding editorial team, preserves the highly praised detail, clarity, and refreshing essence of previous edition. Undoubtedly, the extended content has benefited from the collective intelligence generated by the growing biodesign community. The case study underpinnings are prominent features of the presentation throughout the manual,that nicely complement the hands-on sections and produce an elegant blend together with the resources from the website. Core chapters from the previous edition have been enriched with new sections dealing with critical issues, globalization, and health economics, underlying any medical device development in the 21st century.

Building on trust and authority, the second edition is establishing Biodesign as an indispensable manual and reliable companion for all students and professionals, from business, medical, or engineering arenas, interested in combining medtech innovation and a successful venture.

Now in color, Biodesign est une fête!”

Professor Jacques Marescaux
President of the IRCAD Institute
Founder and CEO of the Strasbourg Institute of Image-guided Surgery

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