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What is Patentability?

Patent attorney Mika Mayer explains the fundamentals of patentability.

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What is Freedom to Operate?

Patent attorney Mika Mayer explains the fundamentals of freedom to operate.

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About Provisional Patent Applications

Patent attorney Mika Mayer highlights a few key points that every innovator should understand about provisional patent applications.

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When to Skip a Provisional Filing

Patent attorney Mika Mayer describes under what circumstances innovators may want to forego a provisional filing.

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About the Risk of Diluting or Destroying IP Rights

Patent attorney Mika Mayer shares essential guidance for preserving an innovator’s rights for an invention.

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When Investors Won’t Sign an NDA

Patent attorney Mika Mayer shares tips for managing confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

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What should innovators expect after they file a utility patent application?

Patent attorney Mika Mayer outlines what typically happens after innovators file a utility patent application.